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What is Social Media? 

We have created this blog as a kind of resource linking you to trustworthy and relevant information that will move you forwards in your quest to understand more about social media concepts. It contains some basic information for newbies plus some interesting stats that should satisfy even hardened experts in the world of social media.

1 - Firstly, is a blog that defines the term Social Media. Click here or on the graphic for more information.

2 - Secondly, this video give you in bite size chunks the revolution that is unfolding in the here and now. Click here or on the graphic for more information.
Social Media Revolution

3 - Thirdly, this youtube link from a renowned expert on social media Guy Kawasaki (The Art of Social Media) watch his keynote Speech on video to get some good insights: Click here or on the graphic for more information.
The Art of Social Media Guy Kawasaki

4 - This website has some very useful resources and insights when it comes to Social Media. We have provided 2 links that take you to some very juicy bits of information. Click here or on the graphic for more information.
The World's 21 Most Important Social Media Sites and Apps in 2015

5 - If you need to do market research on Social Media you could do well by visiting this website which gives official and freely provides global stats. This website is continually updated so you might want to have it bookmarked. Click here or on the graphic for more information.
Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites | June 2016

6 - A more concise statistical look at the most popular social media platforms: Click here or on the graphic for more information.

Do you know of any other resources that might be help full. We can update this blog with your suggestions so let us know. 


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