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Active Media Project (AMP), delivers training opportunities in the form of Digital Workshops and Drop-in Media Clinics, aimed at individuals, groups and organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

We also deliver online training material that teach the same principles to our wider and global communities. AMP mainly focus on IT based content-creation, and online marketing.

Our tutorials cover such areas as:
  • Video Production
  • Image Creation 
  • Website Production 
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Networking
  • Audio Production  
  • E-Commerce  
AMP will develop it's training profile as the evolution of Digital Media continues to expand.

Our aim is to highlight systems that give participants the ability to digitise their creative talents,
productions and services, so as to:
  • Promote themselves  with high impact 
  • Generate revenue and become self sufficient 
  • Attain their highest aspirations
Digital Media Promotions / Marketing can be applied to a wide and varied set of interests, topics, and business areas, which sets the potential to build real, sustainable, self employed, and business revenue streams that speak to the passions of each and every participant. Blogger, Facebook Marketers, YouTubers, Online Business Owners already demonstrate this potential.

In our Digital Media courses we have collated and use high quality, readily available tools that are often free, so that participants have minimum barriers to becoming proficient at promoting their talents. For instance creating positive impressions for future employers. As well as creating and sharing ideas, and ultimately earning a living by selling content, products and services online to global markets.

In other words our courses are designed to eek out the passions and talents of our service user and help them focus their attentions not only on their talents but also on utilising the potent reality of Digital Marketing.

This combination of talent and passion meeting Digital Marketing will ensure that the focus in not fleeting and is indeed long term. AMP are committed to playing a pivotal role in the economic growth of our local and wider community to help them to evolve into healthier, more prosperous and even friendlier places to live.


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