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Are you an individual, group or business who needs to: Start / grow your online sales strategy? Get better interaction with your blog / website? Need to boost sales and minimise costs? Then you've have come to the right place. Active Media Project (AMP) provide full or partial digital marketing solutions.

Active Media Project will:
  • Support you with new digital solutions & concepts that are geared towards improving the sale of your products and services
  • Guide you through the process of getting higher levels of engagement with your customers, clients fans, followers, and communities
  • Build you a marketing machine that allows you to access and utilise additional revenue streams while still being compatible with your core business model - Great for sole traders, small to medium size businesses 
  • Generate rich media content for advertising - Catering for the larger as well as smaller size companies 
  • Give advice and guidance on DIY marketing tool kits - Ideal for Sole Trader, and bloggers  
  • Continue to support you with our after sales service

Active Media Project has pricing structures to suit all budgets.

Tell us all about your marketing requirements. Below we have 16 - mainly multiple choice - questions that will ensure we have a good picture of how to help you find the best strategy for your needs.

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