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This topic is dear to my heart because I know it appeals to so many people for obvious reasons. The truth is that living on your own terms can at some point collide with your ability to earn enough money to fulfill your dream. 

What we really want is to do more of the things we like to do or are inherently good at while also earning a decent living.

That would be the perfect scenario for me - so forgive me because I am just pointing out how important it is to formulate such powerful images in my mind.

I enjoy life on my own terms, riding a jet ski in Jamaica with my family, playing golf and spending time with my Italian family in Italy and other countries around the world.

Driving my Porsche 911 4s to watch an Arsenal game and enjoy the festivities with friends and family. OK, so now were back to the land of the awakened ... 

You can see how these images made me look for a business opportunity that just makes this lifestyle easier.

I believe I found it! Click here and let me know what you think.

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