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How to Erase, Delete, Remove - Previous - Windows.old Folder

If you have recently updated your version of Windows you will notice that there is a folder called Windows.old and if you tried to delete it, you would have more than likely run into issues. Mainly that you are not able to actually delete the folder as you normally would.

According to Microsoft it will be deleted automatically after a month. You may wish to hold onto this folder if you are questioning the update. If you want to go back to the previous version then you need to keep this folder in tact.
However if you don’t want to wait for a month to free up that 20 + GB space then let me share the following with you.

Remove Windows.old Video

1: Click on the Windows search and either speak if applicable or write “Cleanup”.  The Disk Cleanup App should appear.

2 Open it.

3: Click OK and wait while an initial list is prepared for you.

4: Click the “Clean up system files” button.

You will have to wait for a bit while Windows scans for files and prepares a new list. Scroll down the list until you see “Previous Windows installations.
5: Check the box next to the entry, then make sure there are no other boxes checked (unless you want to take this opportunity to delete those items).

6: Click OK to start the cleanup.

7: Click the “Delete Files” Button

Well done... that's pretty much it. The folder itself along with some sub folders will remain for one month when it will be removed automatically. If you check the file size you will see that it would be roughly 13.1 MB which is vastly reduced.

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