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If you have a business or a great idea, and need help to reach your targeted audience. Why not talk to an outstanding marketing company who will take the time to sit-down with you, identify your requirements and potentially bridge that gap - in some cases with no upfront cost.

When it comes to partnerships we are prepared to back you all the way. Active Media Project (AMP) Partnership Team will find solutions in the form of total or partial collaborations, in the following formats.
  • Standard Partnership - Where we will take on specified marketing tasks and complete agreed targets with no upfront cost  
  • Subcontractor Partnerships - Where we will supply our services based on an agreed set of criteria     
  • Service level Agreement Partnerships - Where we brand, set up and put in place marketing tools and strategies leaving you to do the rest. We can supply additional training if you need it.  
Payment details to be negotiated on a project by project basis

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